Activated Charcoal


Origin: Sri Lanka

Not all Activated Charcoal is created equal and we’re proud to bring you the best.

This ultra fine, Medicinal Grade Activated Charcoal, is derived from coconut shell fibre that has been steam activated. This is where most stop. However, it then undergoes a purification process to further enhance it’s drawing capacity (more than steam alone).

It’s most common uses and believed benefits are:

  • Naturally Whiten Teeth
  • Cleansing Face Masks
  • Detox the Body by Removing Toxins
  • Treat Various Forms of Poisoning
  • Ease Bloating and Gas

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Naturally Whiten Teeth

Wet toothbrush and dip into activated charcoal powder. (This can be a messy process. We use a spare toothbrush)

Brush Teeth as normal or let it sit for 2-3 minutes

Rinse mouth with water several times until spit is clear.


Remove Toxins

Take 1 teaspoon (2g) with 1/2 glass water. Follow with an additional glass of water

Dosage Warning

Seek medical advice prior to ingesting. Not to be used internally if you suffer from severe bowel restriction.

May affect the absorption of medication and nutrients. Not to be taken in conjunction with prescription medicines or complimentary medicine.


Cleansing Face Mask

To make the mask, apply the desired amount of charcoal to a small amount of water and mix to create a paste.

Apply over desired area and leave on until dry (Some use this overnight, but beware it can stain!!) Avoid eyes/lips.

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Organic Ingredients

100% Medicinal Grade Steam Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal