Rene’s Tea


Formulated by nurse Caisse for those with illness, the selected ingredients we chosen as they were believed to help:

  • Enable the body to remove toxins and waste
  • Allow for cellular regeneration
  • Revitalise Health
  • Act as an Anti-Inflammatory
  • Strengthen Immune System
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Inspired by the formula used by Canadian nurse Rene M Caisse, otherwise known as Essiac Tea, this tea was designed to help fight illness by removing toxins from the body. A combination of roots, bark and leaves, this formula has been used around the world as a natural health tonic.

*Made using organic ingredients, though we don't yet have organic certification.

PLEASE NOTE: No extensive clinical studies have been performed as yet which would provide conclusive evidence that Rene Caisse's herbal formula will alleviate, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

HOWEVER: There exists some promising research and many firsthand accounts of Essiac’s teas abilities.

More on the uses and benefits can be found at:




No Added 

Super easy to enjoy

Add 1 teabag to one cup of boiling water. Infuse for up to 10 minutes and drink on an empty stomach.

Get Creative

Add manuka honey to sweeten and add healing value.



Not recommended for use by pregnant/nursing women or children. Consult your doctor if combining with medication. Do not consume more than 3 per day.

When used with an illness, please consult with a medical professional, especially if you are on medication. 

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14 tea bag, 50 tea bags

Organic Ingredients

Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Turkish Rhubarb Root

Dietary Information

Gluten Free, No added sugar, Caffeine Free