What the F#!&K is “What the FAQ”?

What the FAQ? is our first crack at this thing called blogging. We’ve said one of our key principles is Education. Namely, educating ourselves and then sharing these learnings with others. Well it’s time for me to put my big boy pants on and put my money where my mouth is. In the What The FAQ? series, I’ll be taking on some of the important topics, phrases and issues in the wellness world in a light hearted way, whilst unapologetically trying to get some product promotion in your face/minds.


Enjoy, comment and share and remember this is meant to be light hearted, fun and practical, not a thesis to be crossed-checked, foot-noted, peer-reviewed, published & dissected. If you find it relevant, great, if it makes you smile, even better. If neither, please respect my fragile ego.

Thanks and Seeya Latte (See what I did there 😊).


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